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If you want to get the most out of your property insurance claim, you need someone to represent you. Someone with knowledge and expertise in the field.
Remember, this is you, a homeowner, against a multi-million-dollar insurance company. They have lots of guys to look after their interests. You gotta have one for yours. That job is done by a Public Adjuster Amity.
No matter what your property insurance claim is about, we, at ACI Adjustment Group, can maximize the claim, offer advice and counsel in insurance cases, and make sure the insurer doesn't do any injustice with you.
At ACI, you are the priority. We strive to make sure you get enough settlement to rebuild the property you have lost.
Our claim staff will work with you and represent your case in front of the insurer to safeguard your interests.
Here's an outline of the services we provide.

Insurance Claim Settlement

As a public adjuster Amity service provider, the main focus of ACI is to address all your property damage insurance claim needs as and when they arise.
We believe that every property insurance claim case is a unique one and we address every case the way it needs to be tackled.

New Insurance Claims - Public Adjuster Amity (16438) can Maximize the Payout

If your insured property has sustained any damage within the last year and you have not yet filed a claim, your case falls into the category of new insurance claims.
If that is the case with you, it is in your own best interest to call a public adjuster Amity like ACI Adjustment Group today.
We offer free policy review and preliminary inspection. This will include finding out what is covered under the insurance policy you have, and how using our services can be beneficial for you.
It is important to get professional help in this regard because there are things that a policyholder is required to accomplish in order to be entitled to an insurance claim. Having a professional team on your side will ensure that you don’t lack any of the requirements.
There are some common mistakes that homeowners do that decrease their chances of getting proper insurance compensation.

Common Mistakes Made by Homeowners

  • Not understanding the cause of the damage. If you misinterpret the cause of the damage to your property, your claim might get rejected.
  • Failure to grasp the extent of the loss can lead to improper or incomplete claim payment.
  • Failing to properly document the loss sustained by the property can lead to underpayment.
  • Relying too much on contractors who do not have sufficient experience in insurance cases can also lead to underpayment or denial of the claim.
  • Failing to fulfill the obligations demarcated by the insurance policy resulting in the denial of the claim.
All of these and other blunders can be avoided by having someone with experience in the field helping you. As one of the leading public adjusters in Amity, ACI can do just that.

How Can ACI Adjustment Group Help In This?

ACI Adjustment group employs some of the most skilled public adjusters. These licensed and trained people will guide you through all of the steps of filing and following an insurance claim.
Just like having an attorney can greatly increase your chances of winning a lawsuit, having a trained public adjuster Amity on your side can make sure that you get the most out of your property insurance claim.
Even if you have already filed a claim, calling ACI 1-800-809-4302 can be useful.

Pending Insurance Claims

If you have already filed an insurance claim and have now realized that you made a blunder in it, ACI can still help.
We can represent you in front of the insurance provider and work to make sure your claim gets resolved as soon as possible.
As the insurance companies have hundreds or even thousands of claims being processed at a time, it is possible that yours might get neglected. Our public adjuster Amity agents make sure that your claim is given the due attention and is resolved in the minimum time, and that you get the highest possible compensation against it.

Helping You At Any Stage

ACI is a licensed and registered public adjuster Amity company and we can legally help you at any stage along with the claim. Even if you've already been given an offer from the insurer.
For such cases, we re-document and cross-reference every issue related to your insurance claim. We look for the things that were not included and the ones that were not given due consideration.
Some of the most common areas where insurance companies can cut corners in a claim include:
  • Insurance companies can sometimes withhold an extra 20% of your claim amount in the name of operation and profit. Most of the homeowners do not know that the insurer is not entitled to withhold this expense if the work is completed by a general contractor.
  • Insurers can sometimes withhold moving time, the time needed to move all the stuff out of a room before starting the repair procedure.
  • Most of the time insurance companies tend to 'ignore' the need for two coats of paint or a coat of primer before the paint is applied.
  • Insurance companies can omit the extra charges like mobilization, site preparation, delivery, and others.
  • Emergency costs and overheads caused at the time of the loss are often overlooked. These include the things like dislocating from the residence at the time of the damage and other emergency services required at that time.
As one of the leading public adjusters in Amity, ACI believes in getting you the settlement for every last cent that you might have spent.
These are just some of the cases. The actual claim and repair bill is a totally different story. There are more things to an insurance claim than you can imagine.
ACI has a team of specialist public adjuster Amity agents who have dealt with thousands of insurance claim cases and know the thing inside out.
Taking into account these costs and others, we can help you get thousands of dollars more than your initial offer.

Reopening Insurance Claims

Did you know you could get additional benefits even after the claim was settled by the insurer?
This is because the insurance companies tend to miscalculate the extent of the loss incurred by your property.
By looking at the details of the losses your property has had and the ones you were compensated for, ACI can get you more money even after the claim has been closed.
If that looks to be too good to be true, ACI has handled hundreds of such cases in which we have re-evaluated the case and found out that the property owners were entitled to more than they were paid.
If you are worried about having to pay ACI only to find you don't get any more settlement, you could not be more wrong. We only get paid once it is discovered that there were areas where you were underpaid and after you get due compensation for that.
Here are some of the laws about reopening insurance cases after the claim has been settled.
  • Most of the states allow homeowners to reopen an insurance case within one year of the loss.
  • You can reopen an insurance case even after you have been issued a claim check.
But how can the insurance amount increase?
This is mainly because the initial adjustment is often issued based on the preliminary inspection.
There can be a number of new variables that come forth only once work on the repair starts.
The law allows you to reopen the case so that you get the compensation you deserve and you are entitled to.
There are also some additional costs that you are entitled to. These might be overlooked by the insurance adjusters but you can reopen the case to get these. These include:
  • Architectural fees.
  • Permit costs.
  • Code upgrades that might be mandated by the local code inspector after the repair.
  • If the repair works result in a higher electrical bill that might also be covered by the insurance.
  • You might also be entitled to a final house cleaning after the repair is complete.

Rejected Insurance Claims

Insurance claim rejection happens more often than you think and it is not the dead end. Sometimes courts mandate the insurer to reconsider the case and sometimes you don't even need the court.
It is a fact that most of the time an insurance claim being rejected by an insurance agency is an error that can be corrected.
If your insurance claim was rejected within the past year, you do not even have to go to the court.
Just consult ACI and we will have a look at the case and all the variables.
If our public adjuster Amity agents feel that the case being rejected was an error and that it can be presented again, we can do that for you.

The Money Part

We have mentioned this before but just to make it clear for you, as a responsible public adjuster in Amity, we don't get paid unless you do.
Here's how it works:
  • We mostly work on a contingency-based fee. It is a percentage of the claim adjustment you'll get.
  • The maximum we can charge from you is regulated and checked by state laws.
  • We are only allowed to charge you after you accept a final offer from the insurance agency.

Public Adjuster Amity (16438) Coverage

As a leading public adjuster in Amity, ACI covers almost all usual kinds of property damage. The most commonly covered cases include:
  • Storm claim.
  • Water claim.
  • Fire claim.
  • Theft claim.
  • Vandalism claims.
  • Oil heater puff claim.
  • Commercial claims.
  • Any other common claim.
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