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Fire Claims

Fire & Smoke Claims

A fire loss of any type can be a devastating experience for home and business owners alike. The stress of a catastrophe makes navigating the intricate process of filing an insurance claim seem impossible to many. Adding to the stress, quick and accurate decisions are required and imperative for receiving a fair claim settlement. Deadlines referencing restoration contracts and a plethora of other required information often affect a fair claim settlement down the road. At ACI, it is our goal to help families and businesses restore their property and lives.
Even the most basic insurance policies have some extent of fire damage. According to FEMA, the most common causes of fire damage in the U.S. are due to cooking accidents, heating units, unintentional carelessness, electrical fires, and open flames. Many times, your insurance provider will advise that a fire or smoke claim is not worth it due to your deductible. At ACI, our state licensed and bonded adjusters will make sure to include smoke and soot damage in your claim. Smoke and soot can and will cause extensive damage to your home, business, and its occupants. Additionally, any damage to the property caused by water or other substances used to extinguish and deplete will be included in your claim.
While negotiating your claim, ACI adjusters understand the importance of all these factors and will account for this when assessing the scope and damage of a fire loss. ACI will handle the entire process from start to finish and will photograph, catalog, document the extent of damage to the structure and the contents of your property, and the loss of business income or resources of your business or residence.
Through indemnity, our goal is to assist in bringing your property to its pre-loss condition. At ACI Adjustment Group, we work with teams of engineers, appliance and electronics technicians, appraisers, restoration specialists, and attorneys to ensure a maximum settlement. ACI expert adjusters will spearhead these efforts and handle any coverage disputes or discrepancies that arise in your claim.
During a disaster such as fire, ACI Adjustment Group is here to help! We work for you, the insured, and help minimize your burden while maximizing your claim!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all fires covered in my insurance policy?
Fires caused unintentionally are covered by your insurance policy. Whether you suffer from a total loss or just a small kitchen fire, you will be covered by insurance for restoring the damage.
My home is unlivable. Am I covered for living expenses?
Yes, you are covered for living expenses, and ACI Adjustment Group can often negotiate for a large, immediate advance payment from your insurance company for food and shelter if your home is not able to be lived in.
My home didn't burn down, but there is smoke everywhere. Am covered for restoring my home?
Most insurance companies will try to get away with simple clean-up restoration, but ACI Adjustment Group's team negotiates for removal of drywall, carpeting, furniture, and insulation for the entire affected area of the home.
Am I covered for furniture and clothing?
In a small fire, your insurance company should at least cover you for professional cleaning of furniture and clothing, however if those items are damaged beyond repair, we can negotiate for the cost to replace them.
How do I start a fire claim?
You can start a claim online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-809-4302 to have an expert inspect your damage first, free of charge.

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Fire Resources

Operation Fire Safety
Operation Fire Safety is a non-profit initiative to promote fire safety awareness, prevent fires and save lives. ACI Adjustment Group has assisted Operation Fire Safety in distributing thousands of smoke alarms throughout the Philadelphia area. Proceeds from Operation Fire Safety's Fire Safety Manual go directly to support local Fire Departments.