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Our mission at ACI Adjustment Group is to protect the policyholder. Many home and business owners are unaware that they have thousands of dollars that are rightfully due to them. Millions of dollars are left on the table and not paid each year by the insurance companies to homeowners and business owners due to a lack of knowledge and expertise! Along with assisting with claims, we are also dedicated to bringing awareness and educating the general public on the various coverages included in their policy. ACI Adjustment Group is here to help.

ACI Adjustment Group ranked #1 from 2013-2021 for Customer Service!

ACI Adjustment Group was ranked #1 by the UPA (United Public Adjusters for Customer Service & Satisfaction this year for the 8th year in a row!!!

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Awards & Achievements

UPenn Wharton
UPenn Wharton
100 Fastest Growing Businesses in Philadelphia (ACI Estate, Inc.)
Inc. 500
Inc. 500
2008 & 2009
500 Fastest Growing Businesses in USA (ACI Estate, Inc.)
Insurance Agents United Assoc.
Insurance Agents United Assoc.
Gold Medal Winner (1st Place) based on 5 claims settling criteria (ACI Estate, Inc.)
United Public Adjusters
United Public Adjusters
2013 - 2018
#1 in Customer Service & Satisfaction