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Claim Questions

Questions about your Claim

How long will my claim take?
The average claim takes anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months to process completely, however some claims do take more time for various reasons including disagreements on claim payment, coverage, scope etc. If construction, repairs, demolition or clean-up are required, the insurance company will not give a final evaluation until it has been completed. The amount of time a claim takes to process completely also depends on the amount of damage to the property and the circumstances of the claim. For a better idea of how long your claim would take to process, please give us a call at 1-800-809-4302and ask an expert!
How do I get a status update on my claim?
Call our customer service hotline, 1-800-809-4302 to get an immediate answer to any question you have regarding your claim.
I received a check from ACI Adjustment Group. What should I do with it?
When you receive a letter from ACI Adjustment Group with a check from ACI Adjustment Group and a breakdown of your claim payment summary enclosed, you can deposit the check into your bank account right away! You do not need to meet any further payment obligations for that settlement check. How you choose to use your settlement is up to you. You can choose the contractor, choose the amount of work you think will need to be completed, or even fix your damage yourself!
I received a check from the insurance company with ACI Adjustment Group's name on it. How do I submit it to ACI Adjustment Group for processing?
All mail from the insurance company is supposed to be forwarded directly to our administrative office, however sometimes the insurance company will accidentally mail the check to the homeowner. If you receive the initial settlement, send the check to the address below:

ACI Adjustment Group
803 Park Avenue, Newtown, PA 18940
I received a payment with "Recoverable Depreciation." What does that mean?
If you received a payment summary and a check from ACI Adjustment Group that had "Recoverable Depreciation" as a line item in our payment breakdown, you have more money due to you for your claim! Sometimes the insurance company will withhold a portion of the claim until work is actually completed to restore the damaged property. You will simply need to hire a contractor and submit an invoice to recover the amount withheld by the insurance company.
I have hired a contractor and received invoices for my "Recoverable Depreciation.” How should I submit them to ACI Adjustment Group?
You can submit invoices via email, fax, or mail. You can Fax the invoices to 1-855-224-5291. You can Email the invoices to our claim processing manager at Or you can mail the invoice to the address below:

ACI Adjustment Group
803 Park Avenue, Newtown, PA 18940
I received a letter from my insurance company stating that they were attempting to get in contact with ACI Adjustment Group. What should I do?
Rest assured that we have been in contact with your insurance company. Just as we document all phone calls, emails, and appointments, and follow them up with a letter, so do the insurance companies. If we received a voicemail from your insurance company's adjuster and have not followed up with them by the end of the day, some companies will send a letter. Most likely by the time the letter arrives at your home and our office, we have already been in contact with the insurance company's adjuster.
I received a letter from my insurance company saying that my claim is denied. What should I do?
Sometimes the insurance company will initially deny the claim upon submission, however we have a proven track record of overturning complete and partial denials. If your claim was initially denied because it did not meet the deductible, we will negotiate for a higher scope of work. There are also other solutions to resolve coverage disputes without hiring an attorney out-of-pocket.