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Commercial Claims

Commercial Property Claims

ACI Adjustment Group specializes in large-scale residential and commercial losses. We understand that as the owner, association manager, or member of the board of directors, you may be responsible for filing and managing an insurance claim that may involve dozens of residents. Handling an insurance claim for a large residential or commercial property on your own can be incredibly overwhelming and can often lead to less than a fair claim settlement. Are you familiar with the fine print regarding your insurance policy's complex guidelines and its time-sensitive procedures? If not, it is in the best interest of you and your organization to hire ACI Adjustment Group to handle your claim.
Your insurance company will send seasoned adjusters to your property on their behalf to assess your loss. When this occurs, realize that the insurance company's adjuster serves the best interest of the insurance company. In order to combat a low-ball settlement, partial denial, or even complete denial, you will need assistance. Along with a team of appraisers and attorneys, ACI will send out experienced public adjusters to ensure you receive a fair claims settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ACI Adjustment Group a law firm?
ACI Adjustment Group is not a law firm and will not provide legal advice. However, we do work closely with a team of attorneys should a claim need to be settled in a court of law. It is very common for a property owner to hire a Public Adjuster as their initial representative, as a Public Adjuster's fees are typically lower and a Public Adjuster can provide thorough documentation should a claim ever need to be settled by an attorney.
What commercial adjusting services will ACI Adjustment Group provide?
Our team of licensed Public Adjusters will thoroughly review your policy, document all damages and lost property, take photographs, provide a thorough and detailed scope and estimate, handle all communication with your insurance company, meet all time-sensitive deadlines, and negotiate on your behalf to secure a maximum settlement.
What type of commercial properties can ACI help with?
ACI Adjustment Group has assisted and adjusted claims for clients and corporations of various scales. Examples of commercial accounts we can help with are: Apartment Buildings and Condominiums, Government Buildings, Industrial Properties, Commercial Office Buildings, Shopping Centers and Malls, Small Businesses, Universities and School Buildings, and Loss of Business Claims.
How do I start a commercial claim?
You can start a claim online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-809-4302 to have an expert inspect your damage first, free of charge.

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