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Storm Claims

Storm Claims

Many insurers are focused on settling claims for as little as possible, or even denying claims entirely during a catastrophe. At ACI, our state licensed and bonded public adjusters have years of experience negotiating storm claims. ACI is here to fight on your behalf! Let our storm and hurricane damage insurance claims experts represent your claim. Our residential and commercial insurance adjusters, along with our teams of appraisers, engineers, and attorneys will help you maximize your claim settlement!
Your insurance carrier has decades of experience in working with and identifying claims. However, the typical home or business owner does not have much experience with intricate claims processes. It is crucial to hire an ACI storm insurance claims adjuster. Our seasoned ACI public adjusters understand the ins and outs of negotiating a weather related claim. We are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies to deny or severely underpay storm damage claims.
Hiring an expert ACI public adjuster for your hurricane, tropical storm, tornado, hail or storm damages will be the best route to take in acquiring a satisfactory claim payout.
Regarding the claims process, the sooner we are representing you, the better. We assist customers all over the country with:

  • Assisting home and business owners gain knowledge regarding their policy coverage
  • Directly negotiating with the insurance carrier on your behalf
  • Photographing and documenting the full extent of damages incurred
  • Scheduling appointments and creating extensive inventory logs
  • Keeping in contact with you, the insured, through every step of the process.
With the help of ACI Adjustment Group, you and your claim will have the best possible representation and advocacy in the country. It is our job to keep the insurance companies honest and level the playing field. Let us help you maximize your claim!

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I covered for damage by storm?
Most storm-related damages are covered by homeowners insurance. If you have roof or siding damage from wind (including missing shingles or siding) you are most likely covered. Hail damage and down trees are also covered by insurance.
My insurance company denied my roof claim because it was a "maintenance" issue Is there anything I can do?
Insurance companies can easily deny roof claims by classifying them as "maintenance" or "wear-and-tear." If your claim has been denied, get a second opinion from one of our Public Adjusters. We have successfully re-opened many roof claims.
Am I covered for "matching?"
Most policies cover homeowners for "like and kind quality," which is a phrase that is up for interpretation. The insurance companies often pay for a "patch." In order to restore the value of of your home, you will need to restore it to pre-loss condition. In many cases, we will negotiate for a whole new roof or wrapping the entire home with siding.
Am I covered for mold remediation?
You are covered for mold if the mold resulted from a covered loss. For example, if your roof leaks and mold grows as a result of the water damage, you're covered for mold remediation. In order to ensure mold coverage, a claim must be filed immediately after damage occurs.
How do I start a storm claim?
You can start a claim online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-809-4302 to have an expert inspect your damage first, free of charge.

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