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Other Common Claims

Other Common Claims

When most people think of property insurance claims they think of one of three perils: fire, flood, or a tree falling on their property. Along with handling the claims process start to finish, ACI Adjustment Group strives to educate the general public on the fine print included in the policies they pay thousands for annually. Every year, there are millions of dollars left on the table that insureds did not realize they had access to. This money is due to property owners through the principle of indemnity. With our free property inspection and policy consultations, an ACI professional will be able to identify potential claims and evaluate contractual coverages.
Some examples of other common claims that many would overlook include: Collapse, oil heater puff back, soot damage, theft and/or vandalism, and damaged flooring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an oil heater puff back covered in my insurance policy?
Oil heater puff backs are covered under the "smoke" section of most policies.
When is an oil heater puff back not covered?
An ongoing issue that has not been serviced for an extended period of time will usually not get covered by your insurance company.
Am I covered for re-painting?
Most insurance companies will try to get away with just clean-up restoration, but ACI Adjustment Group's team negotiates for repainting any affected rooms in the home.
Am I covered for furniture and clothing?
Your insurance company should at least cover you for professional cleaning of furniture and clothing, however some items may need replacement if damaged beyond repair
How do I start a other common claim?
You can start a claim online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-809-4302 to have an expert inspect your damage first, free of charge.

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