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Water Claims

Water Claims

Water related insurance claims are one of the most frequent claims ACI Adjustment Group deals with. Whether it’s a burst pipe, sewage overflow, or storm damage, water can cause extensive structural and health related damage to a home or a business and its occupants. If not properly mitigated, water damage can lead to more adverse losses such as mold and spore growth. ACI Adjustment Group works closely with restoration specialists that will be able to help mitigate damages and restore your home or business to its pre loss condition.
The majority of home and business owners will only have one major claim in their life – or no claims at all. Make sure you are protected! At ACI Adjustment Group, we are familiar with how insurance companies approach and handle water related claims. By utilizing our extensive experience in claim settlement, our goal is to help property owners like you maximize your claim payout with any water damage you experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is water damage covered in my insurance policy?
Water damage is covered in most policies if it occurred suddenly from plumbing or weather.
When is water damage not covered?
Flood, ground water and maintenance issues are not covered under homeowners insurance.
Am I covered if my sump-pump fails?
You are only covered for sump pump failure if you have a Sump Pump Endorsement for your policy. You may call your insurance company to add this coverage endorsement.
Am I covered for mold remediation?
You are covered for mold if the mold resulted from a covered loss. For example, if your pipes burst and mold grows as a result of the water damage, you're covered for mold remediation.
How do I start a water claim?
You can start a claim online by clicking HERE or call 1-800-809-4302 to have an expert inspect your damage first, free of charge.

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