Water Damage Kitchen Cabinets Insurance

There are a number of things that you need to know before you file a claim for water damage kitchen cabinets insurance.

It might seem to be an easy and simple case but kitchen cabinets are one of the most complicated items in the insurance scenario.

So, what entitles you to the insurance claim? What causes of damage are covered? What will you get out of the insurance claim? Can you get all the cabinets restored or replaced?

Well, this post will look into these and other details of water damage kitchen cabinets insurance.

Water Damage Kitchen Cabinets Insurance - What Causes are Covered?

When you get water damage on your kitchen cabinets, the first thing you need to find out is the cause of the water leak that led to the damage. Your insurance policy has the details of what causes of damage are covered by the insurance and what are not.

Though it is not always true, but water damage kitchen cabinets insurance generally covers:

  • Water damage caused by a bursted pipe that failed suddenly.
  • Water damage done by a hidden chronic cause that was not visibly obvious.
  • Damages caused by drain overflow if it was caused by something on the property.
  • Water damage resulting from a leak in the drain system that was not visible.
  • Any other cause that the owner could not have controlled.

If the damage in your case is covered by these or any other causes that are covered by your insurance policy, you will be entitled to a claim. Let’s now see what exactly you are entitled to.

What is Covered by Water Damage Kitchen Cabinets Insurance

Okay, so once the insurance provider agrees the cause of water damage to your kitchen cabinets is covered, what do you get?

There’s a common misconception that the insurer is bound to get all your kitchen cabinets replaced even if one of them is damaged.

That’s not the truth. They will only replace the cabinets that are different. If they don’t match with the rest of the cabinets or the floor, you’ll have to get the other ones replaced on your own.

How to Get the Most Out of Water Damage Kitchen Cabinets Insurance?

When you file a claim for kitchen cabinets damage, it’s you against a multi-million-dollar insurance company. You need to have someone on your side. Someone who can negotiate for you and can make sure that you get a reasonable adjustment.

That someone is a public adjuster. Public adjusters are independent agents who can present and follow up with your insurance claim case on your behalf.

A public adjuster starts with reviewing your insurance policy to find out what causes of damage are covered by it. Then they present the case to the insurer with documentary proof of the damage.

They also follow up with the case to make sure you get the claim check as soon as possible.

The fee for that? Only pay them after you’ve got a settlement from the insurance. That too are rate regulated by the state government.

ACI Adjustment Group Services

ACI Adjustment group provides assistance with insurance claim investigation in storm, fire, water damage, and all other common insurance claims. The services we provide include:
  • Insurance policy review to help you understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • Evaluating damages that are covered under your insurance policy.
  • Proving the damages done to your property so that you get claim money according to the damage.
  • Following up with your insurance claim process to get it processed fast.

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