Travelers Insurance Roof Replacement

If you want Travelers insurance roof replacement, the cause and magnitude of damage to your roof must be covered.

But what causes are covered? When is one entitled to roof replacement?

You can find answers related to all the questions about travelers insurance roof replacement in your insurance policy.

The insurance policy is like the bible of the whole thing. You are only entitled to what it recommends.

However, there are some generalizations that apply to pretty much every Travelers insurance roof replacement case. Let's have a look at them.

When are You Entitled to Travelers Insurance Roof Replacement?

You can get roof replacement from travelers insurance if the roof is damaged by any of the following causes:

  • If the roof is damaged by a wind storm and cannot be repaired you might be entitled to Travelers insurance roof replacement.
  • If the cause of damage to your roof is hailing and repairing the roof won't cut it, you are very likely to get a replacement.
  • If the roof is damaged by a flood Travelers insurance roof replacement will most likely cover it.
  • If the roof or roof shingles are damaged by any other cause behind your control, you can get replacement.

When are You Not Entitled to Travelers Insurance Roof Replacement?

There can be some cases where you might not get Travelers insurance roof replacement. These cases include:

  • If the roof has passed its service age (usually 20 years), the insurance provider is not bound to compensate you.
  • If the roof is damaged due to negligence or lack of proper maintenance, like clogged rain gutters, you might not get any replacement.
  • If the roof was made of any material other than the ones recommended by the insurance provider, it might not be covered.
  • If you get the roof repaired by a contractor not approved by the insurer and the roof fails due to poor workmanship, it might not be covered.

Who Gets to Decide Travelers Insurance Roof Replacement

If you have Travelers insurance and get problems with your roof, you need to file a claim.

After the claim is filed, a claim inspector will come to your property to determine the nature, magnitude, and cause of the damage.

It is the recommendation of the claim inspector that can entitle you to roof replacement or disqualify you from it.

However, if you have trust issues and fear that the person coming from the insurer might favor them, you can opt to have it done by your own guy.

For that, you'll need the services of a public adjuster.

Public adjusters go through your insurance policy and determine what causes of roof damage are covered by it. Once that is out of the way, they will inspect your property and make an estimate of the damages. They then prove it to the insurer that the damages have actually happened and they are covered by the insurance policy.

ACI Adjustment Group Services

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  • Evaluating damages that are covered under your insurance policy.
  • Proving the damages done to your property so that you get claim money according to the damage.
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