Toilet Overflow Water Damage Insurance

Water damage is one of the main causes of property damage leading to an insurance claim.

However, it is not always covered by the insurance policy. It is the smart approach to study the insurance policy in detail before signing it to know the extent of toilet overflow water damage insurance.

As a rule of thumb, the damage caused by a sudden event is covered by toilet overflow water damage insurance. Gradual damage that builds up over time is not usually covered as it is attributed to the homeowner's negligence.

So when is toilet overflow water damage covered and when is it not? And when it is covered, what settlement are you entitled to?

Cases Where Toilet Overflow Water Damage Insurance Covers the Losses

If the toilet overflow water damage is caused by any of the following reasons, it is covered by homeowner's insurance:

  • The overflow is caused by a malfunctioning sump pump or blocked drain within the building.
  • The damage is caused by a sudden surge of water in the toilet and has not been caused by the gradual build up of water.
  • The water damage has been caused by anything not under the owner's control but within the insured property.
  • Flood-related toilet overflow is covered if the homeowner has flood insurance.

In What Cases is Toilet Overflow Water Damage Insurance Does Not Cover Losses?

If the water damage is caused by any of the following reasons, it is generally not covered by homeowner's insurance:

  • If the damage is caused by long term and frequent toilet overflow and the owner has taken no steps to mitigate it or report it to the insurance agency.
  • If the damage is caused by a faulty sump pump or a clogged drain outside the property.
  • If the damage is caused by anything the owner could have prevented.

What is Covered by Homeowner's Insurance in Case of Water Damage Caused by Toilet Overflow

Generally, three things are covered by the homeowner's insurance in case of water damage.

  1. Dwelling Cost

    This is the head that is always covered by the insurance policy. This includes the cost of repairing anything that is directly by the water damage and the correction of the problem that caused the issue.

  2. Cost of Damage to Owner's Property

    This is usually covered by the insurance company but not always. This covers the cost of repair/replacement of the damage done to furniture, fixtures, appliances and electronics caused by the water surge in the toilet.

  3. Living Expenses

    This head is rarely covered by the insurance policy. It covers the cost incurred by the homeowner in living outside their home for the duration of the repair. If covered, it includes the cost of gas, travelling, food, and hotel rents, which the owner would not have to pay while living in their home.

If you want to get the most out of your home insurance, you need the services of a public adjuster to present your case. It can make it possible for you to get the best compensation within the shortest time.

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