How Long Does A Homeowners Insurance Claim Take

No one can say for sure how long does a homeowners insurance claim take.

In theory, it can take anywhere from a week to a year to get property insurance claim payment. There are a number of factors that dictate and influence it.

So what are the factors that decide how long does a homeowners insurance claim take? Let's dig into that!

Factors Affecting How Long Does A Homeowners Insurance Claim Take

No two home insurance claims are the same.

Even if the nature and cause of the damage is the same in two cases, they can be vastly different. Even the minutest difference in two insurance cases can lead to them taking different times to be solved.

The main factors dictating the amount of time needed to settle a homeowner's insurance claim include:

  • The nature and extent of the damage is the main factor determining how long it would take for the claim to be settled.
  • The cause of the damage can also be a deciding factor as the same damage caused by different causes is treated in different ways.
  • The state where the property is situated also has an influence. Different states give insurance companies different time frames to settle the claims.
  • The terms and conditions of the insurance policy can also be important. Some insurance policies can allow the insurer more time to settle the claim than the others.
  • If the claim is being pursued in the middle of a disaster, it can take longer to settle.
  • As a general principle, that's not written anywhere, higher the settlement amount, longer it takes for the claim to be settled.

Reading that you might think what the law has to say about it. Not much, actually! Let's see!

Legal Time Limit For Insurers to Pay Claim

Unfortunately for homeowners, there is no state-level law dictating how much time is allowed to the insurance agencies to pay the claim money.

Some states have their own laws for it but they too are not definitive and have relaxation for insurance companies to buy time if and when they need.

Some of the laws of the states about this matter are:

  • Insurance companies in California have 40 days to acknowledge a claim. Once the claim is approved, the money must be paid within the next 30 days. The law however permits insurers to take more time if they need if they keep informing the homeowner every 30 days.
  • In Kansas the insurance agencies are bound by the law to investigate the claim after you submit it. However, they can also take morte time provided that they keep informing the homeowner in writing every 45 days. There is no time limit specified to pay the claim though.
  • In Texas the insurance agencies are obligated to acknowledge a claim within 15 days. They are then given another 15 days to accept or reject it but they can ask for up to 45 days more. Once the claim is accepted, they must issue the check within 5 working days.

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That was enough to answer the question. We hope you'd have learned how long does a homeowners insurance claim take?

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