How Much is Public Adjuster Salary?

If you are wondering how much the gentleman who shows up in a $1,000 suit and presents your case to the insurance agency makes, we're going to look into it today.

Let's explore all aspects of public adjuster salary.

Public Adjuster salary mainly depends on the state and the company they work in. The average annual salary of a public adjuster in the US is just under $51,000 a year.

However that's now exactly what every public adjuster makes.

In some states public adjusters can make upwards of $75,000 a year while in some they hardly manage $40,000.

States With the Highest Public Adjusters Salary

Here's a list of public adjuster salaries from the 10 states where they make the most money.

State Name Average Public Adjuster Salary
Texas $76,692
Kansas $75,161
Missouri $73,384
Mississippi $72,991
Georgia $71,586
Alabama $71,337
Wyoming $71,132
Arkansas $71,102
Indiana $70,927
Ohio $70,245

Let's now see the other side of things, the states where public adjuster salary is not that high.

The States with Lowest Public Adjuster Pay

These are the 10 states of the US with the lowest public adjuster salary.

State Name Average Public Adjuster Salary
Oregon $58,607
Maryland $57,410
Massachusetts $57,083
Alaska $55,964
Montana $55,525
Maine $55,036
New York $54,923
Vermont $54,698
California $52,774
Hawaii $37,438

How Do Public Adjusters Get Paid?

As the public adjusters work for the homeowners, it is natural that they are ultimately paid out of the homeowners' pocket.

However, thanks to the regulations enforced by various states, a public adjuster cannot charge the homeowner before the case is closed.

State laws prohibit them from charging any fee before the claim is settled.

But how much do they get per claim?

That depends on the claim. There are three billing formats mostly used by public adjusters:

  • They can charge a fixed fee that depends on the magnitude of the case. This format is used in cases that are relatively simple but have a huge payout.
  • Some public adjusters work on a per-hour basis. The fee of these companies depends on their expertise and the nature of the case. State laws regarding minimum and maximum per-hour wage also affect the fee these public adjusters charge.
  • The most common type of billing used by public adjusters is a contingency-based fee. This fee is charged as a percentage of the final settlement that the homeowner gets from the insurer. This is mostly around 15 to 20 percent of the claim money. Most of the states have laws in place to limit the maximum percentage a public adjuster can charge.

That's what the public adjuster companies get.

Do the agents get any benefit for solving cases?

That depends on the company an agent is working for. Some companies offer commission to their agents for the cases they solve. It means that a public adjuster can make much more than the base salary we discussed above.

Generally, the states where public adjusters have the lowest salaries are also the ones where they get the highest commissions.

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