Public Adjuster Name On Check

Did you get the name of the public adjuster on your claim check? If so, you do not need to panic.

It's not like the public adjuster is going to run away with your insurance money. To understand why their name is on the claim check, you need to understand how the whole public adjuster thing works.

Public Adjuster is Just Like Your Attorney

When you enter into an agreement with the public adjuster, they represent your interests just like an attorney would.

This means that they can replace you for all intents and purposes.

However, there is a signed legal document that dictates the terms of your relationship with the public adjuster.

That document safeguards your interests and would not allow the public adjuster to just keep your money.

They will have to and will give the money to you after deducting their cut that the two of you priorly agreed to.

This is to Safeguard the Interests of the Public Adjuster

The public adjuster works hard to get you the claim money and once that happens, who will reimburse them? Public adjusters use one of the following three methods to charge their clients.

  • A flat rate can be charged for cases that have no big problem and the payout is huge. The rate depends on the experience and expertise of the public adjuster and the nature of the case.
  • An hourly rate is charged by some public adjusters. The hours required to solve a case are specified before the agreement is signed. The hourly rate depends on the public adjuster and the state they are located in.
  • Most of the time the public adjusters work on a contingency fee. This is a setup where the public adjuster charges a percentage of the final payout from the insurance company. This payout percentage depends on the public adjuster and the prevailing state laws. It is usually below 20%.

In most of the states, the law prevents public adjusters from charging their clients any fees before they agree to a payout from the insurance company.

In light of this, and to make sure that the public adjusters actually get paid, the insurance companies make out the checks in the name of the public adjusters.

However, as stated earlier, you don't need to worry. The public adjuster is legally obligated to give you money.

Public Adjusters are Registered

Public adjusters are not just some random guys. They are registered with the state government, licensed, and bonded. If that is not enough for you, and you think what might happen if a public adjuster defaults or goes bankrupt, they are insured.

In a nutshell, even if the public adjuster's name is on the insurance claim check, you don’t have to worry. They cannot and will not run away with your money.

The only thing they can do is to increase the claim adjustment you are about to get by as much as 700%.

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