Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale

If you want to get the highest possible compensation for your insurance claim and want to get it as soon as possible, a public adjuster is the one who can help you.

But, the insurance agency you got your home covered by never mentioned them, right?

That's probably because the two don't get along very well.

But why do the two people with job descriptions so closely related don't get along?

Well, the answer to that lies in the way the insurance system of the US works.

How does it work? Let's see

How does the Insurance System of the US Work?

According to the law of the US it is the responsibility of the homeowner to prove that their property has sustained damage if they want to get money from the insurance agency.

So, when you file a claim with the insurance agency, they refer you to a claim inspector.

The job of a claim inspector is to prepare an estimate of the damages and you'll get compensation according to the estimate they have made.

As you might already have judged, the claim inspector is on the payroll of the insurance agency. This means that they might tend to make an estimate of the damages that is lower than the estimate of the repair contractor.

The result, you end up spending a lot of money on the repair/replacement even though you had insurance.

But is there any way around it? Is there a way to get the compensation you rightfully deserve?

Yes there is! That's where a public adjuster's job starts.

What is the Job of A Public Adjuster Fort Lauderdale?

As stated earlier, it is your duty to prove the damages to the insurance agency but you are not obligated to go to the person referred by the insurance agency.

You can name your own agent for this. That agent is a public adjuster.

The public adjuster Fort Lauderdale does the following to make sure you get what you rightfully deserve and what you need:

  • They go through the insurance policy and decipher all the technical and legal terms to find out what you are entitled to.
  • They then survey your property to prepare a realistic estimate of the damages.
  • They file the claim on your behalf.
  • They follow up your case to make sure that you get the proper compensation for the damages and you get it as soon as possible.
  • They also bargain and negotiate with the insurance agency on your behalf to strike a deal best suited for you.

If you need the services of a public adjuster in Fort Lauderdale, your best option is ACI Adjustment Group.

ACI is the 8-times winner of the number 1 award for best customer service in the public adjuster industry. ACI is also proudly one of the fastest growing businesses in the entire US and is soon going global.

ACI Adjustment Group Services

ACI Adjustment group provides assistance with insurance claim investigation in storm, fire, water damage, and all other common insurance claims. The services we provide include:
  • Insurance policy review to help you understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • Evaluating damages that are covered under your insurance policy.
  • Proving the damages done to your property so that you get claim money according to the damage.
  • Following up with your insurance claim process to get it processed fast.

Contacting Us

If you want assistance in any property insurance related issue, you can contact us 24/7 via our toll free number 1-800-809-4302 or by filling in the contact form on our website or by sending us an email at