Public Adjuster Bensalem - Explaining Homeowner Insurance

Getting a claim for homeowner insurance is difficult, but not when you seek services of a public adjuster in Bensalem. Don't know what homeowner insurance is? No worries! We'll explain everything!

Let's see what homeowner insurance is and how it works!

Homeowners Insurance - The Basics

Homeowners insurance is a combination of coverages.

These are usually for the repair or replacement costs of your home and/ or belongings in case of damage. This insurance also works for events of force majeure as well as sabotage activities.

Some plans might also cover the damages accidentally done by the homeowner to others property.

Things Covered in Homeowners Insurance

Typically homeowners insurance covers the following:

Residence Protection

The very basic coverage of homeowners insurance is residence or dwelling protection. This covers the damages to the structure of the home in which the insured person lives.

This covers everything from the foundation of the house to the roof shingles and sometimes even the related structures like the garage or driveway.

Estate Protection

This coverage is meant for the structures on the property of the homeowner that are detached from the main building.

These can include a detached garage, outhouse, boundary walls or fences.

Personal Belongings Protection

Homeowner insurance also encompasses the property of the insured person in their home. This applies to the electronics, jewelry, precious items and money stored in the house.

Jewelry and money can sometimes fall under the umbrella of extended protection.

Liability Protection

This protection applies to the personal injury or loss of property of someone who does not live in the house of the insured homeowner.

This can cover the medical bills and other expenditures of the affected party.

Claiming Homeowners Insurance

In the event of damage to the property of a person insured under homeowners protection, the damage must be proven to the insurance agency.

Most of the time it is the responsibility of the insured person to prove the damage. This can be difficult and the insurance agency might pay the insured person far lesser than the actual loss.

This is where public adjuster Bensalem can help.

Public Adjusters Bensalem

ACI Adjustment Group is a leading public adjuster in Bensalem.

ACI can help you with the insurance claim procedure, guiding and representing you through all the pitfalls of getting an insurance claim.

Hiring a public adjuster Bensalem company might look like an unnecessary expenditure. But you can get up to 747% per cent more compensation if you hire one.

ACI Adjustment Group Services

ACI Adjustment group provides assistance with insurance claim investigation in storm, fire, water damage, and all other common insurance claims. The services we provide include:
  • Insurance policy review to help you understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • Evaluating damages that are covered under your insurance policy.
  • Proving the damages done to your property so that you get claim money according to the damage.
  • Following up with your insurance claim process to get it processed fast.

Contacting Us

If you want assistance in any property insurance related issue, you can contact us 24/7 via our toll free number 1-800-809-4302 or by filling in the contact form on our website or by sending us an email at