Overflowing Toilets - Are They Covered Under Homeowner's Insurance?

One of the main causes of damage to residential as well as commercial property is water leakage and overflow. Water is regarded as the worst enemy of any building or structure.

Of all the water related damages presented for insurance claims, toilet overflow is one of the leading causes.

But, does homeowners insurance cover overflowing toilet? Well, that is a complicated question.

This is because for the insurance provider, the overflowing toilet is not the issue. They care about the cause of the overflow. If the overflow is a result of something that is covered by the insurance policy, the damages will be covered.

Let's explore some of the aspects of this question.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Overflowing Toilet?

One thing that you need to keep in mind before we explore this topic is that every insurance case is unique. No two cases share the same basis and hence need to be treated differently.

There are some cases when overflowing toilets are covered and others where they are not. Here are some examples.

Homeowner's Insurance Covers Toilet Overflow if:

  • The overflow is caused by a blockage in the sewer line within the property.
  • The overflow has resulted from a faulty sump pump on the insured property.
  • The overflow is caused by a flood and floods are covered by the homeowner's insurance.
  • The overflow has resulted from a leaking flushing system of the toilet.

Homeowner's Insurance Does Not Cover Toilet Overflow if:

  • The overflow is caused by a blocked line outside the property.
  • The cause of the overflow is backing up of water in the sewer lines.
  • It has been caused by a faulty sump pump outside the property.
  • The owner could've prevented the overflow.
  • The cause of the overflow is carelessness or ignorance on the owner's part.

But, who decides whether or not a homeowner is entitled to insurance coverage in case of a toilet overflow?

Who decides: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Overflowing Toilet or Not?

Technically, it is decided by the insurance policy. This document has all the terms and conditions that dictate when the toilet overflow is covered and when it is not.

This document, like any other legal document, needs to be interpreted by someone.

That someone is an agent from the insurance company. They are called insurance adjusters.

When you report the damage to the company, they dispatch a team of insurance adjusters. These guys will visit the site of the property damage to find out the cause. They then decide whether or not the damage is covered.

But what if you are not satisfied by their findings? In that case, you can hire the services of a public adjuster.

These guys work for you in the same way as the insurance adjusters work for the insurer. They inspect the site and review the insurance policy to find out whether or not the damage is covered.

We hope that addresses the question: Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Overflowing Toilet?

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