Insurance Water Damage Replace Kitchen Cabinets

Does Insurance water damage replace kitchen cabinets? That is one of the most asked questions about property insurance. Like many other things in life, it is not a binary question. The answer differs from case to case.

There are some cases when you get replacement, some entitle you to repair and some are not covered.

But who is the one deciding that? Well, that is not decided by a person. It is decided by the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

However, there are some typical cases where insurance covers kitchen cabinets and there are others where it does not.

When Does Insurance Water Damage Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Generally, if water the damage to the kitchen cabinets has been caused by something beyond the homeowner's control, it is covered by property insurance. Some typical cases of this include:

  • Damages caused by a leak in the plumbing of the kitchen that was not visible.
  • Damages resulting from water leaking from the drainage of the kitchen that the owner couldn't notice. Like behind the cabinets.
  • Water damage resulting from sudden failure of the plumbing or drainage system.
  • Water damage caused by water overflow from the drainage system caused by something on the insured property.

When Does Insurance Water Damage Not Replace Kitchen Cabinets?

Likewise, if the damage is a result of the negligence of the homeowner, it is generally not covered by the insurance policy. Some typical cases of this include:

  • Damage caused by a chronic leak that was visibly obvious and could be mitigated by the homeowner.
  • Damage resulting from drainage leakage that the owner could prevent.
  • Damage caused by drainage overflow resulting from a clogged drain or a malfunctioning sump pump off the insured property.

So that's a little overview of when insurance covers damages to the kitchen and when it does not.

But what you, as a homeowner, are entitled to if the cause of the damage is covered.

What is Covered by Insurance in the Case of Water Damage to Kitchen Cabinets ?

Insurance only covers the kitchen cabinets that are damaged by water. If the damage is localised, the insurance gets them repaired. If the damage is widespread and cannot be repaired, the cabinets will be replaced.

The flooring is also covered by insurance and they will also have it replaced.

The insurance agency will compensate you for three heads:

  • Dwelling Cost will cover the costs of repair of the cause of water leakage that has led to the damage.
  • Personal Property Coverage will cover the cost of repair of the cabinets or any other appliances or personal belongings damaged in the ordeal.
  • Living expense will cover the extra living charges that you might incur if you need to stay out of your house for the duration of the repair.

However, there's a catch. The insurance agency is not bound to match the color of the new cabinets with the existing ones. So, if you want to give your kitchen a look of uniformity after it's been repaired by the insurance agency, you'll have to do it out of your own pocket.

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