How Long Does It Take for Property Insurance Claims to be Settled?

The time it takes for getting an insurance claim differs from state to state and insurer to insurer.

Unfortunately, there is no federal law mandating insurance companies to pay insurance money within a said period. This means that it can take from several weeks to several months to get an insurance claim.

Moreover, it is not just the state or the insurance company that matters. The type of damage and its causes also play a pivotal role.

No Two Claims are the Same!

Insurance industry experts say that no two insurance claims for property damage are the same.

Even if two people file a claim for floor damage, one might get speedier processing than the other.

The factors that influence the claim process include:

  • The nature of the damage.
  • The cause of the damage.
  • The terms of the insurance policy.
  • Time taken to prove the damage to the insurance company.
  • Legal issues surrounding the claim.

How Long Does It Take for an Insurance Claim to be Processed in Different States?

As said earlier, the insurance claim process differs from state to state.

Some states require the claim to be paid within a "reasonable" amount of time, while some do not even stipulate any period at all.

Here are examples of some states to give you an idea of things.


The state laws of California require insurers to accept or deny a claim. However, they are allowed to request additional time. It is also mandated for them to keep informing the policyholder about the state of their claim every month.

Once the claim has been accepted by the insurer, they are given 30 days to pay the money.

However, this law does not apply in case the insurance agreement "provides for a waiting period after acceptance of claim and before payment of benefits."


The state of Kansas requires insurance companies to investigate the claims within 30 days.

If they need more time, they are mandated to inform the policyholder every 45 days about the status of the claim.

Once the claim is accepted, there is no timeframe set by the state to pay the money to the insured.


According to the laws of Texas, the insurer is required to acknowledge your claim within 15 days.

Once acknowledged, they are required to accept or deny it within 15 days. They can, however, take more time up to a maximum of 45 days.

In case of availing of the 45-day facility, they are required to inform the insured in writing. Once the claim has been accepted, they must issue the payment within 5 days.

Average Time Taken for Paying an Insurance Claim

Regardless of the state and the applicable laws, it takes 30 days on average between the claim being filed and the money being released to the insured.

It must also be noted that hiring a public adjuster can speed up the claim process.

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