How To Get The Most Compensation For Furnace Puff Back Insurance Claims

Do you want to know when furnace puff back insurance claims are valid?

Are you looking for someone who can get you your furnace puff back insurance claims money?

And, do you know what you are entitled to in furnace puff back insurance claims?

You will get the answer to all of these questions in this blog.

Let's start with defining a furnace puff back.

What Exactly is a Furnace Puff Back?

A furnace puff back occurs when a furnace or a water heater fail to properly ignite. This leads to the accumulation of gas or oil vapors in the combustion chamber.

Resultantly, when the system ignites, the accumulated fuel burns explosively.

The result of such an event can be as minor as a puff of black smoke to as much as a small explosion.

So, if that happens, does homeowners' insurance cover it?

Is Furnace Puff Back Covered by Insurance?

That depends on the insurance policy you have and the cause of furnace puff back.

Scenarios Where Furnace Puff Back is Covered by Insurance

If the puff back is caused by anything beyond the owner's control or by something that the owner could not reasonably avoid, it is covered. The examples include:

  • Puff backs caused by a leak in the fuel supply of the furnace or heater.
  • If the puff back is caused by a malfunctioning heat exchanger, which cannot vent the combustion gases properly, it is generally covered.
  • If the reason is a malfunctioning fuel nozzle and the owner has not tampered with it, it is also covered.

Scenarios Where Furnace Puff Back is Not Covered by Insurance

If the puff back has resulted from the owner's negligence, it is generally not covered. Some examples include:

  • A clogged chimney that the owner could have cleaned.
  • Manually overriding the heating system repeatedly.
  • Using fuel in the furnace that is not specified.
  • A clogged burner due to lack of routine maintenance.

So that gives an idea of when the furnace puff back insurance claim covers the damages and when it does not. But what are you entitled to if the claim is to pay for the losses?

What are you compensated for in Furnace Puff Back Insurance Claims?

Most of the insurance policies cover three heads of expenditure in the event of a furnace puff back.

  • Dwelling Cost

    This covers the cost incurred by the insured to repair the damaged equipment, i.e. the burner or heater. This cost is always covered.

  • Loss of Personal Property

    Insurance also almost always covers the damage done to the private property of the owner as a result of the puff back. This will cover the appliances, personal belongings and furniture damaged by the puff back.

  • Living Expenses

    If the repair work needs the house to be evacuated, some insurance policies compensate the homeowner and their family for the cost of living, eating, and travelling outside their home.

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