ACI Adjustment Group Employee Reviews

"Good Company To Work For Good Pay," "Great Workplace Culture," "Ambiente De Trabajo Divertido Y En Equipo," "ACI, A Good Place To Work," "Best Job to Get My Skills Sharpened," those are some of the ACI Adjustment Group employee Reviews on indeed.

The reviews from the employees speak for themselves, telling that ACI is not only a great company for helping people get insurance money but also a great place to work too.

But why are ACI Adjustment Group employee reviews that great? What makes employees like ACI?

Well, here are some of the things that make ACI a great place to work.

A Friendly Management

At ACI, we believe in collective effort. We realize that greatness can only be achieved when people work with passion and not for the fear of apprehension.

As long as you are doing your duty, your managers at ACI are your best friends. We don't have a boss and subordinate culture here, we have a leader and follower one.

At ACI, we care for our employees as best we can. If any employee has a problem we think of it as a problem of the company collectively and do whatever we can to help them.

Every Day At ACI is an Opportunity to Learn

We have the view that if a company has to grow, it can only be made possible by making the employees grow.

Everyday is a new learning opportunity for our employees, and every project presents a unique set of challenges.

ACI presents the best opportunities for the people who are at the start of their career and want to shine their academic achievements with experience.

Incredible Upwards Potential

ACI believes in rewarding hard work and dedication. If an employee at ACI works with dedication and consistency, sky's the limit.

We have a system that makes it possible for people with potential and talent to grow and have a successful career with us.

This means that whether you are working to shine your skills or you want to work with the intention of making this your career, ACI will benefit you as best it can.

Workplace Ethics

One of the most important things that makes ACI Adjustments Group employee reviews so great are the workplace ethics and values.

We believe in:

  • Equality of opportunities for anyone and everyone working at ACI. No discrimination is made on the basis of race, color, ethinicty, or sex. The only thing that can earn you a distinguished treatment at ACI is your determination and hard work.
  • Listening to everyone is the second thing that has made us one of the top 500 fastest growing businesses in the US. No matter if it is the janitor or the manager, anyone giving a valid suggestion is given due credit.
  • Discipline is the key to success. Even in the days when we are handling thousands of cases, the floor is organized and disciplined. We believe that it is of paramount importance to be organized.

Those were some of the things making ACI Adjustment Group employee reviews so positive. If you want to know more, join us and be the part of the leading nation-wide claim adjuster company.

If you are wondering what services we provide, here's an overview of that.

ACI Adjustment Group Services

ACI Adjustment group provides assistance with insurance claim investigation in storm, fire, water damage, and all other common insurance claims. The services we provide include:
  • Insurance policy review to help you understand the terms and conditions of your insurance policy.
  • Evaluating damages that are covered under your insurance policy.
  • Proving the damages done to your property so that you get claim money according to the damage.
  • Following up with your insurance claim process to get it processed fast.

Contacting Us

If you want assistance in any property insurance related issue, you can contact us 24/7 via our toll free number 1-800-809-4302 or by filling in the contact form on our website or by sending us an email at