New Claim

Don't be under-paid for your claim. We focus on getting you what you deserve for your loss.



If you have been paid (or received an offer) for your claim, we can take over from there. We are paid only for any additional money you receive in the settlement.



You have been paid, but not enough. We are paid only if we find areas of underpayment and/or items that were left out of your insurance settlement.



Let us re-open the case & get you what you deserve! We have reviewed numerous insurance claim denials and have found coverage for many for them.


ACI Exclusive NO FEE Guarantee

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ACI Adjustment Group is Pennsylvania & New Jersey's premier Public Adjusting Firm.  Our team of state licensed and bonded professional Public Adjusters is made up of experts in residential and commercial construction, fire and water restoration and property insurance claims.  We work for you, not the insurance company!

When damage occurs to your property, before you file a claim, ACI Adjustment Group will perform a FREE No-Obligation Consultation to assist you in determining:

    1. The cause of damage
    2. If you have coverage
    3. If a claim is worth filing
    4. How to prevent further damage and ensure proper coverage

When you hire ACI Adjustment Group to negotiate your claim, you will never need to speak with your insurance company. We handle all communication, including:

    1. Reporting your claim
    2. Scheduling appointments
    3. Handling letters, phone calls, faxes and e-mails
    4. Keeping you informed throughout the process

ACI Adjustment Group's team of experts has decades of experience in handling property insurance claims. When it comes to your claim, here are the steps our experts will take to win you a favorable settlement:

    1. Determine the full scope of damaged property
    2. Take detailed measurements
    3. Put together a comprehensive estimate to present to the insurance company, including dollar amounts for all materials, labor costs, and content involved with your claim

ACI Adjustment Group will assist you in recovering for your loss from start to finish.  Whether you have roof damage, plumbing leaks, fire damage, or a catastrophic loss, our team of professional Public Adjusters will work to recover the maximum dollar amount for your loss.